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But the fun did not stop there. It was Monday, the coldest day of my visit. I had only arrived on Friday and I had already had such a wonderful time, but now I was going to see a lunchtime concert in old Stockholm which will always be a memorable mexperience that I will look back on with great joy in years to come. When asked, Inga said, if we would guide her, then she would like to go to the intimate little concert room not far from the King's Castle. I helped Inga take the bus from Abrahamsv. to Alvik, then we took the T-bahn to Gamla Stan. Katarina was waiting for us at the exit of Gamla Stan. She walked on one side of Inga and I, on the other side, and we started to walk towards the castle. The wind was bitterly cold and it began to snow. I was a little woried because Inga did not bring a hat but she insisted that she was OK and said she was enjoying walking in the fresh air. She was very strong and not daunted by the weather. After some time we reached the little concert room and we were served goulash soup, open sandwich and cofee by a lady in semi-formal black clothes. This waitress, I discovered later, was Anna the actual fabulous soprano who was going to delight us with wonderful arias and songs; and only a couple of metres away in this cosy concert room. Before the concert began, a swarthy looking man came in wearing casual black clothing and a charcoal-grey wollen hat. While he chatted to the small waiting audience he struggled to put the large grande piano into it's correct position. He never removed his wollen hat. I assumed he was setting things up for the concert artistes. In a funny way, I was right. This man now seemed happy with the position of the instrument and quickly placed the piano stool near the keyboard.

Anna Ekelund Tarantino

Jacob Moscowicz

Then, to my great surprise and, still wearing his wooly-hat, this guy opened one of the music books which lay on the piano and gave us a sparkling, world-class perfomance of a Chopin Valse. When the applause stopped he played another and another and another: Absolutely brilliant! This was of course Jakob, the other star performer in this hour-long concert. When Anna joined Jakob on the stage, Jakob now became her wonderful accompanist and they gave us Arias and Solos of ultimate quality. I was almost overwhelmed by what I had just experienced in this intimate little cafe-concert room; I was certainly aware that I had been within touching-distance of two supremely talented musicians with impeccable techniques.
By writing about the details of my recent and very short visit, I'm sure you will realise my appreciation and just how enjoyable I found
it all. I hope some of my comments may cause the reader to smile too.
Best wishes to you all,

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